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Liberty Home’s Rehabilitation Centers:A Haven for Recovery and Transformation

Rehabilitation Center

Welcome to Our Facilities in Cape Town, South Africa, and Kortrijk, Belgium.

We are proficient in English, French, Dutch, and German.

Liberty Home functions as a transitional residence, requiring admission eligibility for individuals who have successfully completed a primary care program, specifically the 12-Step Fellowship, and are free from all substances.

Even if you are presently grappling with active addiction—engaging in the use of substances such as alcohol, drugs, and prescription medications, as well as struggling with behaviors like sex and love addiction, gambling, or co-dependency—Liberty Home is here to offer therapeutic assistance.

Liberty Home’s commitment to providing holistic and compassionate care for individuals on the path to recovery is evident in its two distinguished rehabilitation centers: Cape Town, South Africa, 5 Boulder Road, and Kortrijk, Belgium 37 Groeningstraat.

These centers offer a unique blend of support, comfort, and community, creating an environment conducive to healing and long-term recovery.

Our Halfway House in Cape Town is situated at 5 Boulder Road:
It is a Sober House with a homely, warm, and engaging atmosphere.
Built in 1765, our Cape Town Facility at 5 Boulder Road is a testament to time, offering a unique halfway house experience. Serving as a step-down facility after primary care treatment, it provides a more relaxed approach to therapy while preparing clients for reintegration into society.

Cape Town, the Mother City, is renowned for its extreme beauty, lending itself to a myriad of outdoor activities on our doorstep.

Key Features of Liberty Home Cape Town:

Homely Environment: The center exudes warmth and comfort, fostering a sense of home for residents.
Big Open Spaces: The facility boasts ample open spaces, allowing residents to relax, read, and reflect.
Family Structure: The environment promotes a family-like atmosphere, encouraging mutual support among residents.
Healing and Warm Atmosphere: Therapy is complemented by a healing and inviting atmosphere that aids recovery.

On-Site Facilities:

Gym: Equipped with weights, mats, and a boxing gym to promote physical well-being.
Outings: Residents participate in hikes, volunteer work, walks, and community outreach projects.
Capacity: The facility caters to 24 residents.

On-Site Staff:

Therapeutic Head
House Manager
2 x Counsellors
4 x Recovery Assistants
Facilities Manager
Liberty Home: Kortrijk, Belgium

Our Kortrijk Rehabilitation Centre is situated at 37 Groeningstraat:

Liberty Home is a stately haven in Belgium, which was built in 1768. This elegant building in Kortrijk, Belgium, offers an austere environment surrounded by picturesque landscapes and serene settings.
We can house up to twenty clients, keeping the environment intimate, close, and engaging.

It’s akin to a breath of fresh air for those yearning for tranquillity. Nestled in a serene and beautiful environment, Liberty Home provides an escape from the clamor of daily life. Recovery within this setting has proven to be highly effective in addressing mental health and addiction challenges.

Liberty Home serves as a quiet, secure, and discreet sanctuary, significantly diminishing the triggers of everyday life, even though complete elimination remains elusive.

The goal is both straightforward and intricate: to pave the way for a clean and serene life with enduring results. The initial step involves acknowledging and dismissing denial and is followed by a comprehensive reintegration plan designed to optimize the likelihood of a complete recovery.

Key Features of Liberty Home Kortrijk:

Picturesque Surroundings: Situated close to parks, walking trails, the forest, public transport, NA and AA meetings, and shops, it allows for ease of convenience.
Outings: Residents enjoy trips to parks, games rooms, bowling, meetings, and movies.
Capacity: The facility accommodates 20 residents.

On-Site Staff:

Clinical Director
House Manager
2 x Recovery Assistants
Facility Manager
On-Call Psychiatrist

Décor in both facilities is an eclectic mix of old and new. Modern and antique fittings and furnishings give each home a feeling of elegance, warmth, and comfort, steering away from an institution or hospital-like feeling.
We create an environment whereby our clients feel comfortable and at home.
There is plenty of space to relax and read in front of the magnificent fireplace or enjoy coffee around the table while sharing with peers. Sink into the many comfortable chairs and couches and relax, enjoying the surrounding beauty of sheer elegance and tranquility.

Accommodation: Clients are given the option of sharing or having their own private rooms. The rooms are very comfortably furnished with an upmarket feel to them. Although allowing for that home-from-home feel, it gives one the feeling of staying in a luxurious, plush hotel.
Communal Spaces: Clients can enjoy the spaciousness of both properties. The gardens are extensive and lush and lend themselves to quiet time alone to meditate, read, sit, and share with friends, creating a feeling of togetherness and camaraderie. This provides tremendous support, and many friendships are fostered in these surroundings.
Community Cooking: Kitchens are well-equipped, encouraging residents to share cooking responsibilities.

Both facilities offer a personalized approach to recovery as each client is valued and respected as an individual with their own set of unique needs and underlying root causes, which are their springboards to their own personal stories.

Experienced Staff: All staff members have firsthand experience with addiction, fostering genuine understanding and compassion. No judgment is passed, allowing every client to share their feelings and expose their innermost thoughts within the confidential confines of the therapy rooms.
Community-Based Therapy: The facilities operate as a community, offering both individualized and group therapy to support recovery.
Accountability and Reintegration: Residents participate in various activities, share responsibilities, and engage in communal life, promoting accountability and reintegration.

Liberty Home’s rehabilitation centers embody the philosophy that recovery is a collective journey. With a focus on warmth, community, and individualized care, these facilities provide a safe haven for those seeking to overcome addiction and mental health challenges. Our motto, “Together We Overcome,” reflects the spirit of unity that permeates every aspect of the recovery journey at Liberty Home.
Seek the support and guidance you deserve at Liberty Home. Reach out to us anonymously and without any obligation. A simple conversation can be the catalyst for significant change. Share your experiences with us, and you’ll quickly realize that you’re not alone. Together, we can identify the steps needed to guide you back on the path to recovery.