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Secondary Care for Drug Addiction

Secondary Care for Drug Addiction

Once primary care has been completed, a person may be referred to secondary care addiction rehab. Many potential residents are assessed for admission into The Liberty Home after completing primary care. The focus of a secondary addiction treatment centre is vast, where the majority of focus is helping the person to understand the behaviours that take the person back to active addiction. A Secondary Care Facility is also a place where a recovering addict can practise the tools they need to control their lives. This is achieved through individual and group therapy sessions, by implementing 12-step Recovery programmes, and by encouraging clients to participate in normal, everyday activities.
Social and Reintegration Care

At Liberty Home our Reintegration programme assists our residents in creating schedules and routines to keep them from straying back to a previous lifestyle. Secondary Care is a transitional phase that begins after completion of primary treatment. This interim form of treatment allows clients to continue working closely with a therapist as they address psychological and emotional issues in greater depth and begin to understand the behaviours that lead to addiction. Patients in secondary care have in many cases been through inpatient detox and have begun learning the coping and relapse prevention skills that will support them in their long term journey to recovery.

Secondary care clinics/centres and services ultimately reinforce the skills required for recovery over a far longer period than would traditionally be feasible in a primary care facility. This extended exposure and life skills geared programme enables people to operate their day to day lives and remain in a constructive system over a long period of time, which is universally the key to a sustained recovery. This stage is supportive but somewhat less structured than primary treatment. As people begin the process of returning to daily routines, they learn the importance of accountability and responsibility and gradually regain more control of their livesAfterall recovery is not about not using drugs, and a long period of abstinence does not equal success – Recovery is about daily activities.

Secondary recovery centres focus on slightly less intensive and more progressive longer term recovery strategies and are structured around the process of rebuilding the person and not the addict. Secondary treatment consultation services are offered by Liberty Home that operates a sober living work and employment reintegration and life skills program. This programme enables individuals to establish the structure in their lives that allows them to come back into being productive members of society armed with the tools that prevent further relapses. It usually lasts one to six months, and is useful for individuals who need help learning to navigate daily life without substances. This is a dangerous time for many in recovery and the risk of relapse is high.

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