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Sober living homes are an opportunity for people to live in a supportive environment once they have finished a program in a drug or alcohol rehab center in South Africa. Many people do not understand the function of a sober living house and they are sometimes viewed quite negatively. They provide a unique chance for alcoholics and drug addicts to live life in recovery within a caring community of peers while still taking full responsibility for their daily life and not being bound to a daily program. The beautiful places, the best ones in Cape Town, provide a unique opportunity for alcoholicsdrug addicts, and people suffering from any process addictiondual-diagnosis issues, or an eating disorder, to live life in recovery within and as an integral part of a caring community of peers while still taking full responsibility for their lives, being able to work, seek work or do voluntary work if they like and not having the constraints of a daily program like they do in a rehab environment.

The vast Cape Town Recovery community is among the best in the world and we want to share our own recovery experience with everyone. The supported Sober Living Environment in a halfway house provides the perfect level of support and at the same time, freedom, because it is a difficult time leaving rehab and the recovering addict must guard against relapse by doing the right things and hanging around with the right people. This is the key to early recovery.

Sober living homes are a way to extend the process of residential rehab by moving from a structured lockdown primary care rehab to what is essentially a home, with sober people newly out of rehab.  The longer addicts and alcoholics can remain in formalized or semi-formalized recovery the better their chances of making a full and meaningful recovery.